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#Corse FLNC « The determination is intact, our choice from yesterday is our choice today. »

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The June 25, 2014 our organization, after a long debate, was able to take the responsibilities that are his own and climb up to the challenges for the future of the Corsican people on his land. Demonstrating exemplary political maturity and taking on foot against a few disgruntled, she took the unilateral and unequivocal decision to initiate a process which wants historical, demilitarization and gradual exit from underground.

Our satisfaction was great to see such Corsican youth respond with great interest to our call to action. It is a pride for us to observe that those who are the future of our countries have understood our message. They were able to take over, and even if we do not doubt their courage or their commitment, they have demonstrated their capacity and efficiency beyond our expectations. By placing itself at the forefront of the struggle, they reinforced our already strong in our convictions. They are valuable guarantors of the success of our initiative.


As for those who believed and believe still may be, by naivety, ignorance or interest, we could divert us from our choice of peace: they are, and will, for their expenses. They underestimated our analysis and our strong commitment. They will recognize, like our people to confuse if not already done. Eventually they will be disqualified by the people. Those nostalgic for the powder and misfortune, Janus-like for some of them, will leave in the collective memory, the image of dunces of history on, dozing on the benches of the French or Corsican assemblies, secretly dreaming the recovery of a tragic cycle of actions / repression so profitable for them. Gravediggers of peace and war profiteers to shameful dreams that are busy cynically and silently sabotage the ongoing process we’ve initiated.

The French state continues her not to take into account the legitimate demands of the Corsican people yet democratically passed by the Territorial Assembly. If he can fool imagine long Corsican organizing nicks ministerial meetings that result in no significant political act? Is it a real political will to not meet the democratic aspirations of a people or a patronizing and pitiful lack of policy? For now, the French government continues to pursue a repressive policy and diligent to make our island a place of experimentation of police practices not conducive to a climate of peace. We will not yield to these low real police provocations. No one will manage to distract us from our goal and to derail the process initiated decisive.

From our side, The determination is intact, our choice from yesterday is our choice today

We knew that the road to a political solution would be long and difficult as it was agreed to say as often perilous, but the apprentice sorcerers do not doubt our ability to stay the course of peace and a political solution for freedom of the Corsican people.

The guarantee we can give today to our commitment to the peaceful resolution of the conflict between us and the French state, this is the full respect of our decision communicated there one year with maintaining our desire to silence the weapons. Everyone will judge each passing day, the strengthening of the irreversible nature of our choice of peace for a sustainable negotiated political solution to Corsica, which inexorably away the specter of obsolescence of our proposal. Although time is precious.

This is the will of the people in question, and the time will surely stir the pots pulendaghji in policy, we assure proponents claim to a negotiated political solution – established in assembly of Corsica – our support. They guarantee our determination to work for peace definitively.

In this sense we welcome the initiative to request amnesty Corsican political prisoners and stop sought prosecution for political reasons. This initiative logically involved in the course of history of armed conflicts worldwide. She always comes to men of good will. For our part we quémanderons nothing but the legitimacy of this claim amnesty is obvious and we will carefully consider the answer to be given to it. The day will come to judge the attitudes of each other, and we will then take our responsibilities once more, with a decisive gesture from endorsing what we started there more than a year.

Finally to enlighten those in Corsica, France, in Europe or elsewhere, agitate, for us, the obsolete threat of extreme nationalism and closing itself; To these globalists frantic, henchmen of wheeler-dealer system, the power of money-king, financial speculation and their lobbies; To those who want to deny the people and submit to transform them into servile flocks of docile consumers: We will answer that they are the heirs and disciples of colonization. They seized the land of the people exerting fierce and arrogant domination whose purpose is only the plundering of natural resources for countries which have the paradoxical advantage of overflow in or for others, the mere possession of bases geostrategic order to ensure their supremacy as for Corsica aircraft carrier from France in the Mediterranean. Yesterday as today, the purpose is the same: their own development and enrichment at the expense of the peoples, their culture and their identity while digging exponentially inequalities in the world. At the very people who ultimately feel that our land is not for us, we will respond, citing a great chief of the Native American resistance, the Corsican people, belong to this land of Corsica.

This invocation to a martyred people and decimated does not give vain hope to the French state to turn Corsica Indian reservation, a sort of amusement park for tourists in search of the exotic to half past one in Paris. Because our people is on and steeped in spirit of resistance. He learned from history, defeats as advanced, dramas as joys, despairs as moments of hope. The world has changed, and France in this world can no longer afford to continue to stifle demands for emancipation of the people, or even to practice the policy of ostrich by-passing beautifully Corsican problem. Entangled in the crisis of a declining imperialist system of domination of the other, low, countries like France, old and neo colonial powers can not long withstand yield the right of peoples to themselves. Often influenced not coteries, from a caste of politicians totally isolated from people’s concerns, political leaders communicate daily their ethical grandeur and their democratic pretensions, while in fact they easily accommodate small arrangements with the choice of the majority of their own citizens.

The critical importance of our initiative of June 25, 2014 was almost unanimously underlined by all enlightened actors and observers of the Corsican question. They were able to anticipate, analyze the historical level of our peace process. But everyone knows that this is not enough. In Corsica, the French State justifying its inaction endemic, has often been quick to brandish the inflexibility of the institutions of a republic engraved in a marble crumbly yet good when it came to adapt to the interests « higher » a two-tier system factually. The French government will be one that will seize our outstretched hand and simply responding positively to the democratic aspirations of the Corsican people?

« What is needed above all for peace, » said De Gaulle, the first president of the Fifth French Republic – standard variable geometry of French Republicans of all stripes – « it is the understanding of peoples ». He knew that « regimes (…) are things that pass. But people do not go. « 

With all due respect, the struggle of our people will not lower intensity. On the contrary it will continue now in a public setting, popular and democratic. We remain confident and reiterate our call for the Corsican society to continue to be involved in the process, join and strengthen it.



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