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This week-end, our field will host one of the most important event of the world : the Tour de France.

corsica_libera_logo90For Corsica Libera, this event musn’t be heard like the integration of Corsica to France. On the contrary, every year, this competition begin in another country : (Donostia 1992, Dublin 1998, London 2007, Monaco 2009, Rotterdam 2010, Liège 2012…). This year it will leave from Portivechju in Corsica.

For three days, Corsica will be under the lights of the worldwide media. This world event mustn’t be understood as the simple crossing of two French departments but has to allow the expression of the Corsican national fact at the international level. Corsica has to seize this stand to notify to all the fight of the people Corsican for the recognition of its national rights.

Today we solemnly wish to notify to all the observers the following data:
Corsica of Pasquale Paoli, modern Nation of the Age of the Enlightenment, was militarily conquered by France in the XVIIIth century which since denies any right of our people for the sovereignty. However, the existence of a powerful national feeling constitutes a historic continuum never denied, embodied since almost forty years by the modern nationalist struggle.

Today, the organizations of the national movement represent in Corsica 36 % of the electorate. At the same time, numerous elected representatives of the traditional said political class appropriate the fundamental claiming of the Corsican nationalism.

At present, a political process is in progress. It aims at adopting wholesome measures regarding officialdom of the Corsican language (adopted unanimously voters of the Assembly of Corsica last May), of land tax (access to the ground reserved for the Corsican citizens living for 10 years to fight against the phenomena of speculation and land dispossession), of tax system, strengthened normative powers. A strong majority get free on these questions to the Assembly of Corsica where sit the justifiable representatives of all the components of the Corsican people. France will inevitably have to take into account deliberations to come, without what, it would sink again into the most total denial of democracy.

Finally, we draw the attention of the international community on the situation of the Corsican political prisoners imprisoned in France in defiance of the laws the liberation of which will necessarily have to be a part of the political resolution of the conflict.

Intantu, a Corsica, Nazione libera di u Mediterraniu indirizza tanti auguri à i participanti durante sti trè ghjorni.




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