« Political solution , amnesty, Corsica language , resident status , tax status , rights of the Corsican people … » as many claims brought by the national movement for over 40 years and voted by the Corsican Assembly . At the dawn of a new political era in Corsica , voices of all Corsica amounted to demand a political solution. Solution whose policies and sought prisoners are integral .

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AvoceRibella-parfumArquebusesAMnistia (26)Marianna Thibout-Calendrini, audiovisual author Director, conducted a series of documentaries for France 3 Corse including a trilogy on pastoralism in the mountains. The first part « The shepherds will not take the maquis » accompanies the transhumance shepherds and the last manufacturer of bells of the island. The second part « resist is to create », in 2008, is an homage to freedom of Corsican shepherd, one of the last to have a professional activity in the mountains. « U Paghjolu 3, produce for living » is the third and last part of this trilogy documentary on pastoralism in the regions and countries returned to resistance against European standards and globalization.

Discover also the « dream Roccu ». « Through the novel by André-Jean Bonelli, we go to Corsica to meet a parallel world, the » Mazzeri « beyond the officers as shamans in Bolivia are dead and dreams predict the future.  »

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Movie Présentation :

In a statement released June 25, 2014, the National Liberation Front of Corsica (FLNC), seen as the main organization « Corsican terrorist » by the French courts, said the decision to lay down arms and to come out of hiding the first time since its creation in 1976.

Supported by the defense association Corsican political prisoners « Sulidarità » and the League of Human Rights (LDH), FLNC, supported by the majority of the Corsican Assembly, asked the French government for the release of political prisoners, arrested and incarcerated in French prisons and stop the prosecution sought.

A year later, only the European Charter of Regional and Minority Languages ​​is being ratified.
The Law on the approximation of political prisoners is still not enforced.

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Concerning an amnesty adopted almost unanimously by the Corsican Assembly, no law seems to be contemplated to date.

The Corsican people still carries the hope of this progress and its recognition by the French State.

Scattered in various continental prisons, cut off from their roots, « political » prisoners live in almost total isolation and sometimes wait several years in detention before being tried, « guilty » or acquitted.

The status of « political prisoner » is not recognized, they are being tried by a « Special Court » and « classified » as held monitored closely.

Through their testimonies, those of their families, politicians, lawyers, French political defenders of the Corsican people and associations as Sulidarità, the League of Human Rights, the International Prisons Observatory, which the film raises the question of the legitimacy of a political prisoner status in a democratic country while making a parallel with other countries.

52 mn This film will be completed on 1 September and released in September on Via Stella, a longer version is scheduled for festivals.

The « teaser » of the film will be presented exclusively to GHJURNATE INTERNAZIUNALE this weekend!

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