(NATIONALIA.INFO) Ghjuventù Indipendentista members to keep protest until French government minister meets them · Strikers wants French institutions to implement decisions made by the Corsican Assembly in 2013 · Last word left to Paris, as the Corsican Assembly does not have law-making powers Some 15 Corsican youths are on indefinite hunger strike since Wednesday 22th to demand the French government the implementation of several decisions made by the Corsican Assembly in 2013. In particular, the strikers -members of Ghjuventù Indipendentista group- want Paris to grant co-official status for the Corsican language alongside French, the creation of a resident status, and the application of a different fiscal regime on the island. The strikers are holding their protest in the Corti Castle -the historical capital of the 18th century independent Corsican republic- and have vowed not to leave until « a French minister competent for that question » meets them and accepts their requests, « which are nothing but the overwhelming desire of a majority of islanders, as votes in the sovereign Assembly of Corsica witness. » Ghjuventù Indipendentista members refer to two May and September 2013 votes that took place in the Corsican Assembly. A large majority of the Corsican AMs then demanded France to pass legislative changes in order to grant Corsican co-official status, to approve a resident status protecting Corsicans from the rise in housing prices because of summer houses built on the island, and to create an own tax system for Corsica. LIRE LA SUITE SUR http://www.nationalia.info/en/news/2130


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