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#corse #VeranuCorsu – young Corsican independentist rallies on social networks #Corsica

More than 3,000 likes in a few days on the Facebook page is the result of mobilization on social networks of young people involved in a process of protest in defense of Corsica People.

This page is intended as part of the centralizing movement « Veranu Corsu » (Corsican Spring) protest movement started in 2014 in Corsica, under the banner « Simu stu di Paese è ci vulemu Campà » (We are from this country and we want to live). This mobilization that affects the whole of Corsica consists of many events, gatherings, tractages, meetings and other democratic struggles. The first claims are co-official language of the Corsican, residency status, a special tax status or extension orders Miot, the reservation of the jobs to Corsican people etc …

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Photos et dossier Manif du 29 01 2014 DOSSIER GHJUVENTU INDIPENDENTISTA

(…) by @Lazezu 

Revue de Presse et suite de l’article  : 

Corsica Infurmazione: l’information de la Corse, des Réseaux sociaux et des Blogs politiques [Plateforme Unità Naziunale]


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