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#Corse No democracy or justice in Spain – EFA calls on EU Council Summit to intervene on Catalonia

(Unità Naziunale – Publié le 24 mars 2018 à 14h23) Elected heads of State assembled yesterday in the EU Council Summit in Brussels. At the same time, elected members of another nation- Catalonia- were in exile, imprisoned, or on trial.

Whilst the EU Council was holding a summit in Brussels, Catalan voices of democracy were being crushed – 25 Catalan officials were sent to trial and sentenced to jail. The European Free Alliance (EFA), European Political Party of autonomists, independentists, civic nationalists, and regionalists, condemns this blatant attack by the Spanish State on the basic freedoms to vote and to be represented. 

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The Spanish Supreme Court has indicted all of Puigdemont’s cabinet members, six former parliament bureau members, two jailed grassroots leaders and three former Members of Parliament. Jordi Turull, Carme Forcadell, Raul Romeva, Josep Rull and Dolors Bassa have been sentenced to jail. Marta Rovira has also gone into exile. In a letter yesterday, the former Secretary-General of EFA and now former Secretary-General of Esquerra Republicana (ERC) announced she had to take a “tough” decision. Exile will be a tough path, but it is the only way for me to recover my political voice,” she said in the letter to Esquerra party members. EFA wholeheartedly supports Marta in what seems to be yet another sad day for Europe and democracy.

François Alfonsi, president of EFA calls upon the European leaders gathered in the EU Council summit yesterday in Brussels to stop ignoring this imminent threat to Catalan and European democracy. The “Erdoganisation” of Spain needs to be halted if we want to safe guard our democracy.

“Elected members of State cannot ignore that the Spanish State continue to annihilate basic freedoms and fundamental rights without any reaction from the 27 other EU Member States.“, says François Alfonsi“It is outrageous for any State to so shamelessly be able to intimidate and censor opposing political views that have been democratically confirmed through elections.”

#Corse #Catalogne Mobilisation après l’arrestation de militants indépendantistes



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