Alain Orsoni: « They put a target on my back. » After the assassination of Jacques last night before Nacer, the name of Alain Orsoni is once again at the heart of the storm. Press insists that the pdt of CCI southern Corsica, as Antoine Sollacaro as Nivaggioni Antoine, was a close associate of pdt ACA.

flash information corse corsicaFor his part, returned to Paris after his visit to Ajaccio, the Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls, declared this morning on RTL, « Alain Orsoni knows something when he speaks, he can simply go to French justice. « 

Faced with this situation Alain Orsoni has decided this morning to break the silence. He did this morning was ten hours on our antenna, saying: « I put a target on the back, pointing at me as the next victim ».